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A Small, Unobtrusive Horse Manure Catcher

Call Bun-Bag to keep your horse carriage fresh and clean with a horse manure catcher! Our horse diapers keep city streets clean during parades, military shows, carnivals, and more.

Designed by a horse enthusiast, the Bun-Bag™ is made with both the horse and horse driver in mind. The Bun-Bag™ is much smaller and unobtrusive than most manure catchers. It attached to your riding saddle, harness or bareback pony or horse and is virtually hidden from sight and smell.

Bun-Bags on Trolley Tram in Parade

Benefits of the Bun-Bag™

  • No Tickets for Manure Clean Up
  • No Cumbersome, Confusing Straps
  • Keeps Streets Clean
  • Smaller and Unobtrusive
  • Virtually Hidden from Sight and Smell

Contact Us Today For a Horse Manure Catcher!

For faster service, order today at our store or contact us via email with any additional questions.


Perfect For

  • Parades
  • Military
  • Fairs
  • Circuses
  • Carnivals
  • Horse Drawn Carriages
  • Festivals
  • Birthday Parties
  • Special Events
  • Therapy Animals
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