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Call Bun-Bag to keep your horse carriage fresh and clean with a horse manure catcher! Our horse diapers keep city streets clean during parades, military shows, carnivals, and more.


Bun-Bags on Trolley Tram in Parade

Designed by a horse enthusiast, the Bun-Bag™  is made with both the horse and horse driver in mind. The Bun-Bag™ is much smaller and unobtrusive than most manure catchers. It attaches to your riding saddle, harness or bareback pony or horse and is virtually hidden from sight and smell.

Benefits of the Bun-Bag™
  • No tickets for manure clean up
  • No cumbersome, confusing straps
  • Keeps streets clean
  • Smaller and unobtrusive
  • Virtually hidden from sight and smell


Perfect For

  • Parades
  • Military
  • Fairs
  • Circuses
  • Carnivals
  • Horse Drawn Carriages
  • Festivals
  • Birthday Parties
  • Special Events
  • Therapy Animals


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