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Instructions for Installation

Instructions for Saddle Horse

  1. Securely tie saddle strings to snaps in extra straps with small ring, centering ring on TOP of horse's rump. Use side buckles to adjust.
  2. Attach one long strap to each bag anti-swing strap, matching Velcro strips. Tie snap end of long straps to saddle strings. Use slide buckles to adjust.
  3. For English or Military Saddles, snap straps to accessory rings behind saddle.
  4. Follow harness instructions No. 1 through No. 6.(located at the bottom of this page).
Caution: To avert a rodeo, accustom your horse to the bag properly!
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Instructions for City Carriage, Trolley Service, and Parades Saddle Horses

  1. VELCRO TAIL BAND, opens when tail lifts
  2. QUICK RELEASE, adjustable snap buckles for dumping bag 
  3. ARGE SNAP, hooks a whole bag to harness
  4. VELCRO, anti-swing straps
Proven Catch Bag for City Carriage,Trolley Service and Parade Saddle Horses
Instructions for Mini - Pony, Donkey, and Sheep - Goat
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Instructions for Harness

Installation Instruction for Harness

Hook large snap (1) into harness rump ring pulling tail through center of straps (2) so that tail is lying on top of bag. (3) Adjust straps at snap buckles (4) so that the inside edge of bag (5) is approximately 6 inches down from anus (bunghole) of horse (this measurement is important for success in catching all of manure).

Now, wrap Velcro tail bands snug around tail (6). Wrap Velcro anti-swing straps (7) to harness hip strap. To dump full bag, release Velcro tail bands and anti-swing straps, unsnap 4 snap buckles with one hand while holding bag with other hand. Slide down from under tail. Dump bag and reinstall excluding step (1) in instructions.

Caution: If your horse is skittish about anything under his tail, we suggest training horse to accept bag before securing bag to harness.