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Sgt. Robert Blackburn and Officer Billy Diamond I would like to thank you for the Bun-Bag. It has proven to handle the waste from Officer Billy Diamond with keeping his professional image intact. It only took us one training session to train the horse to wear the Bun-Bag. After some adjustments, we walk, trot, and canter with no problems. Officer Diamond has not given the Bun-Bag another thought. Here are some pictures of Officer Diamond wearing the Bun-Bag and some articles written; I thought you would like to see.

July 23, 2003
Dear Ms. May,
I'm writing to tell you how pleased I am with the design of your Bun-Bag. I have 2 miniature horses who are being trained to do animal assisted activities/therapy.Jimmy goes inside institutions to visit those who cannot come outside to visit with Billy, the 36" cart horse. Both horses showed no reaction to their first wearing of the bags. In both applications, the horse is able to use the bag without interrupting the encounter with the client.

The bag detaches quickly and unobtrusively, allowing it to be emptied into a container and returned to service quickly when it is convenient.
Women & Horse 1 - Bun Bags Being Used at Therapy Sessions

We consider Bun-Bags to be an integral part of our protocol developments. Staff and clients are visibly relieved to know that there can be no "accidents." The presence of the bags removes a distraction from the setting, allowing us to concentrate on the interaction with the client more completely.

Eventually, we hope to integrate the cart horse and client in community walking and jogging activities on suburban streets. The Bun-Bag permits these little horses to join dog walkers in the use of those streets. Thanks for your timely delivery and service.

Christine Zethmayr
Pegasus Projects
Women & Horse 2 - Bun Bags Being Used at Therapy Sessions

Two Horses Thanks for making such a great product! This is Boon and Leif, 4 yr old Fjord horses testing out their new BunBags for the first time, they didn't even notice them! But, they worked just perfect! Love them!!!
Lois Handel